Strict Liability in International Environmental Law Still in dilemma?

This paper focuses on the rule of Strict Liability in International Environmental Law. The Rule of Strict liability in International Environmental law is about the responsibility of state upon any act that pollutes or affects the environment of any other state. State is held responsible if it causes any environmental harm outside its territory but only if such harm is done in breach of an international obligation. The paper starts from introducing the rule primarily in environmental agreements and also focuses on the development of norms on strict liability for Hazardous lawful activities. This research paper tries to demonstrate the present position of the rule of strict liability in the International Environmental Law and concluded with the same.
This paper is an attempt in bringing together all the information, developments and to mark the present position of Rule of strict liability in International Environmental law. The existence of this law seems to be very integral part in the view of continuously degrading Environment.

Keywords: Strict liability, International Environmental law, treaties, convention, norms etc.