Rape Antidote: Proper Implementation of Laws

Au fond, the literate minds will not get convinced if we formulate a new law in response to the failure of the implementation of the existing laws. It is just like putting up a centurion question to ninety-nine unresolved issues. In most of the cases, it is seen that the crime committed by the person is in any way or other known to the victim. The fact of the matter is rapes are opportunist crimes committed within the confines of private spaces. Sexual violence is a major national issue which has profound negative effects on victims and society at large. This calls for urgent attention towards social set up and moral upbringing of citizens of the country besides proper implementation of strict laws.

Female Body, Honour, Sexuality and the Use of Rape as a Weapon of War

This paper aims to look at the use of rape as a weapon of war in conflict areas around the world. The paper not only looks at why the perpetrators believe this is an effective way of torture and intimidation of the general public but also the result of the same on the survivors and their families. The case of Kunan-Poshpora is a specific sub-topic that traces the history of the issue and the struggle of the people against impunity provided to the state armed forces.