A Study on Factors Influencing Consumer Preference towards Organic Products in Coimbatore City

Since the last decade organic market has been growing. Many of the people were understood the importance and need of gripping the organic products. Using natural fertilizers organic products are generated. Consumers started to select organic food health concern and environmental concern and also due to attributes like nutrition value, taste, freshness. This study aims to analyze the factor influencing the consumers to buy the organic products. The main goals are to examine the attitude, preference of the respondents and their valuable suggestions. This study is based on the purely original collected data. The data were collected on the basis of questionnaire method from 50 respondents. SPSS statistical tools like percentage, ANNOVA,
T-Test were used the check the reliability of data which was collected. Thus, this study analyzed the consumer’s preference towards organic products in Coimbatore District.
Keywords: Organic product, Preference and factors.