Ageism and the Deteriorating Role of Families towards the Aged in India

As the number keeps adding to the age, so as the struggles to live a dignified life also keeps adding. The paper explains how the aged people are facing hardships that threatens their rights and dignity in the current Indian Society. It will take into account the role of family in providing security to their ageing family members and how the event of global processes such as industrialisation and globalisation has impacted the structure of Indian society and its effect on the lives of the aged. The paper will thoroughly discuss the reasons for the unfavourable treatment towards the aged people and the government response to this issue.

Terrorism in Media Land

it is, is a communication which has the power of persuasiveness. Terrorism is wide spread and is used a mechanism for the rebels to threaten the security of the opposition, to this concerning issue media also aids in different forms such as social media. The followers are able to read and understand the motive and propaganda of the terrorists through any posts or a blog in social media: training and recruitment occurs mainly through the communication that media grants. The study and the objective of this project is to understand how to reduce the impact of terrorism through social media, whether it would violate the Freedom of speech under Art.19(1) of Constitution of India, Whether other Countries like US, UK and Europe have opted for a policy or a procedure to curtail the communication of terrorism through social media. The purpose of this paper is to emphasize that media also contributes to the fear, risk and uncertain future of the peers of social media and is influential to the non-users. This article would be a doctrinal based research. There are various methodologies used in this article including Content Analysis Method with secondary data collection from books and articles. The methodology that is being adopted in the said project is purely doctrinal in nature. The research is completely relying on primary resources such as statutes and also secondary resources such as notices, commentaries and various books of eminent authors have been referred and cited. The said research paper also has a high reliance on the study articles and other works of eminent universities/colleges and also websites have also been referred.
Keywords: Terrorism, Speech, Persuasive, Media, Aid.