Strict Laws V. Better Implementation

If a choice had to be made to administer justice more effectively and increase public confidence, protect the rights of both the parties while rendering a just verdict which is duly enforced, mere alterations, superimpositions or enhancements (for better or worse) in legislation is not going to effect the practical inefficacy of the institutional frameworks that so ardently require reform. I would like to propose a permutation of the distinct categories of strict laws and better implementation to arrive at strict implementation of laws. Justice delayed is justice denied should be kept in mind and reforms introduced accordingly, to prevent frustration of justice and passing of liabilities and rights intergenerationally like heirlooms , as was characteristic of the feudal societies.

What Does India Need? Strict Laws or Better Implementation

To make the law serve its purpose functionally and irresistibly, we have to implement it in better way. Before advocating to the assumption that it is need of an hour for India to implement the Strict law, we need to review a might be situation that what if those laws, too, not implemented properly. Would those stricter laws be serving its raison d’être. So it is not the strict laws that India needs, it is better implement of the law that India seeks. In the conclusion I would like to remember Abraham Lincoln with his grate quote that “The best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it STRICTLY.” This quote indeed gives the answer to our question. Doesn’t it?