Transnational Organized Crimes: Beyond The Geopolitics Of States- Indian Perspective

Transnational Organized Crimes not merely have a bearing to the security of states, but also to that of its economy, given the large retail value of these crimes. Illicit Drug Trafficking, Terrorism, Money Laundering, smuggling, arms trade are not crimes independent of other crimes. They have a nexus and influence on one another as each is a means to the other. The proliferation these crimes has also been facilitated due to geopolitics and geography of the states, as can be seen in the case of India which requires more strengthening of border management to prevent these elements in taking advantage of the situation to facilitate these Transnational Organized Crimes. Furthermore, these crimes are not specific to one state though a particular state may be the leading market for the crimes. This paper addresses various Transnational Organized Crimes as an outline to expiate the menace of these threats to India, in particular and beyond the confines of geopolitics and geography, in general, as seen in the case of FATF (Financial Action Task Force) regulations, terrorism, money laundering and drug trafficking. The paper also attempts to understand the nexus between these various Transnational Organized Crimes concisely. Furthermore, the paper seeks to underline the recommendations to combat and regulate this menace of Transnational Organized Crimes.