The Stance of Parody under Copyright Law

Parody, now a day is one of the hot topics in copyright issues. Parody is a form of art which is used since ages as a comic and satirical version of some other works but the problem arises when it comes to the imitation of copyrighted work because when a parodist by way of imitation put forward a comical and satirical version of any copyrighted work, he deems to infringe upon the copyright of the author of original work. In such cases the provisions of Copyright Law is required to be very clear in order to establish a balance between the rights of a parodist and an author, which is unclear in the laws of many countries. There are several issues which requires critical appraisal like the conflict between the rights of parodist and author vis-à-vis commercial as well as moral rights, the amount of material to be copied in parody. These are all the issues which require a definite conclusion to it.
Keywords: Parody, Copyright Issues, Intellectual Property Rights