War of Humanity: A Way Ahead for Humanitarian Law

War and Laws have been walking hand in hand since its very existence .For every new war that has happened , a new provision seeks residence in the covenant , which is somehow accepted by all the states but the question here is , how consistently or rightfully its is being applied or is it being applied at all? Inspite of having the strongest and bulkiest rules governing states from wildly shooting down each other, we still hear the news of armed people attacking the commoners. Through this paper, the author would try and solve the tiny loopholes that are ratted into huge blunders like the leaked tap that drowns the house. While the international humanitarian covenant covers and governs international armed rebellion, it has minimal rules over the internal conflicts that happen in individual states that tear apart the basic rules against armed violence .There is a very basic word gi-en to it, its called terrorism but this is the complex armed violence that has restricted rules applied due to not being defined as an armed conflict. While the very elementary act to strengthen the enforcement of humanitarian law would begin from the states of every nation which are the cells of human body. We need systems and rules that strengthen the primary building blocks of the nations and steadily grow and target the larger objectives. Through this paper I would also try to list the potential ways in which the humanitarian organisations can strategically curb the petrifying violence of armed conflicts with the most primary teaching which we all learned at some point , by attacking the roots because once the roots are not strong enough , the structure wouldn’t take much time to collapse and once the structure collapses , the bodies of humanitarian law can alter and change basic elements of the covenants to be more specific in targeting the wrongdoers.