Climatic Change and Manufacturing Industries A Case Study of Tuticorin plant, Vedanta Ltd.

This article focuses on the climatic change which is happening across the globe which has been caused by the manufacturing industries such as Vedanta Ltd. with specific reference to India. A case study has been conducted through empirical research in the regions of Tuticorin where mining and copper smelter plant has been shut due to the environmental and climatic threats they were posing. The article starts off with the conventions relating to climatic changes at the global platform and the obligations they impose on the signatory parties. The article also focuses on the need of a sustainable development in a way that it does not hamper the development of the nation in parallel to the current needs.
The article then specifically addresses the issue of climatic change in Tuticorin caused by Vedanta Ltd. and how it is affecting the local residents. The researcher has given a few recommendations as to what can be a feasible way to curb this issue and ensure that the balance of the nature is not disturbed.