Pornography in India – A Moral Dilemma

Pornography is not only a morally problematic issue in India but also in every corner of the world. A worst and unfavourable impact of the technology can be seen in this era where pornography’s composition is 33% in the world-wide net. The word pornography is defined as “anything written, any photograph, any movie etc. intended to arouse sexual excitement.” The main problem regarding pornography is that there are various technically specialised issues while banning those sites which exhibit pornographic items and how it violates the fundamental rights of speech and expression and to access to the free use of internet which causes a very ill impact on the upcoming generation. Under Section 67 of Information Technology Act 2000, pornography is held as a punishable offence. Therefore, there is an ongoing controversy between the rights of users to access the internet content and legal provisions regarding that particular content. In this article the researchers have tried their level best to discuss various issues and challenges of pornography in India, through various articles, online data, case laws and books. One third of the internet is covered by pornographic content which is resulting in men trying exploiting and suppressing women and children and committing various offences of unnatural sex. To stop this exploitation of women and children, a strong control of law is needed. Through this article researcher highlights pornography, its legal provisions and judicial control over it. Researcher sheds a light upon the adverse impact of porn on society, children and women and recommends strong control of law over it.