Is Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 Blow the Basic Structure of the Constitution of India?

The purpose of writing this paper is to introduce Citizenship Act, 2019 and to explain, if it blows the basic structure of the constitution of India. In the present scenario, numbers of people are protesting against the Act, by relating it with religion and illustrating as anti-secular, that is only lack of information and influenced state of mind. However, this amendment Act is completely different from what people are assuming. Hence the bill seeks to the citizenship Act, 1955 in order to grant Indian nationality to Hindu, Sikhs, Buddhist, Jain, Parsis and Christian who come to India after facing religious persecution in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The first section of paper describes the explanation of amendment and its act. Furthermost it encompasses all the act released in the session related to citizenship. The reason of arising issues during this act is also briefly discussed and this paper also explains the debate occurs around secularism and citizenship. This composition involves the notification related to the National Register citizenship and elucidates all possible aspects of NRC.

Keywords- Constitution, Citizenship, Amendment and Communities