Surrogacy in Women’s Life: An irony or renaissance?

Tharini Rajasingam
School of Excellence in Law, TNDALU, Chennai, India

Volume-1, Issue-2, 2018

Motherhood in women’s life is considered to be the fulfillment of her feminity. But in present days the impotency in women is cured through the process of surrogacy. The surrogacy is considered the gift in women life who are unable to bear child. The reality is that women are exploited in the name of surrogacy. This article mainly concentrates on the women rights and their exploitation through surrogacy and similar other issues relating to the rights of the child born out of surrogacy. This article also focuses on the suggestion of option to have adoption than to surrogacy. There are several children unparented who can be adopted which would reduce the risk of exploitation of women who are made to serve as surrogate mothers


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