Suicidal Psychology: A Study of Noxious Mental Degradation in Students

Tammana Bahl, Hariharaprasadh K.R., Jaya Kumari and Nakkeeran Mani
Alliance University, India.

Volume IV, Issue I, 2021

Suicidal thoughts and behaviors in students are not fully understood as of now; however, it is certain that it results from the complex interaction of various factors. This research paper deals with understanding various factors associated with student’s suicide in India. It deals with recognizing what suicide is and what are the current trends across the world in regards to student’s suicide emphasizing on psychological factors particularly? What leads these kids to take this step and what can we do to combat this issue?

For the same purpose the authors have used the empirical research methodology wherein a survey was conducted using survey monkey other than that various previously conducted researches have been taken into accounts also research papers journals etc. have been considered.