Study of Environment Principle With Reference to Rio Declaration

Anagha Sharankumar Limbale
Assistant Professor, ILS Law College, Pune
Maharashtra, India

Volume II, Issue I, 2018

In India there has been rapid environmental degradation due to the over exploitation of natural resources triggered by urbanization, industrialization and population explosion. There is therefore, a great need for protecting the environment and ensuring development in a sustainable manner. To resolve the problem of environmental degradation, the experts worldwide have come up with a doctrine and principles like sustainable development and precautionary, polluter pay principle which essentially advocates harmony between development and environment protection.

It is to be emphasized that with the help of these environmental principles and standards that an effective environmental law could be evolved in India. There are various laws, principles, statues, rules and regulations are enacted for protection of environment. Still there is rapid environmental degradation therefore this paper specifically examines precautionary principle and polluter pays. Precautionary Principle and Polluter pays are important approaches in environmental law for protection of environment and to achieve sustainable development it is necessary to emphasize on the need to follow certain framework principles of environmental law.

This paper explores the concept and development of the principles through judiciary. The paper examines application of precautionary and polluter pays principles. Finally, the paper concludes that the principle plays an important role in protection of environment and to achieve sustainable development.


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