Strict Laws or Better Implementation

S. Jothi Poorna
Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Volume II – Issue VI, 2019

Discrimination against women and girl is pervasive and long- running phenomenon, whether at home or street, violence against women happen in our day to day life. Crimes against women such as rapes, dowry deaths and honour killing are increasing at an alarming rate. Sexual violence against women is one of the most common crimes in India. Even though there are various laws and women welfare organizations to prevent discrimination and violence against women, there is no reduction in the amount of crimes. In India only few victims come forward to initiate legal proceedings against the offenders. There are still many untold stories of sexual violence against women in our country. Victims are reluctant to seek justice because the existing judicial system proves to be unreachable to them.  Every day in India, women and girls who have experienced sexual violence and assault are confronted with intimidation, threats, and coercion that not only restrain them from reporting the cases but also abstain from following up the initiated legal proceedings. The objective of this article is to give an overview of what Indian constitution needs to reduce offence against women and to create better society which guarantees the safety of women. Strict laws or better implementation which is needed the most.

KEYWORDS: Discrimination, violence, women, crime, victim, Indian Constitution..


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