Strict Laws or Better Implementation

C.S.I. College for Legal Studies, Kottayam
Kerala, India

Volume II – Issue VI, 2019

Terming every brutal incident as the rarest of the rare, barbaric and diabolic[1], the duty casted upon our judiciary never ends. Each day is now becoming colder than a night of December for every girl in the nation. Then Nirbhaya[2] to the now Hyderabad and Unnavo, women in India are being assaulted sexually, killed brutally and many more made to survive before the boasting 70 year old prestigious Constitution of ours which forgets for what cause it exist when it comes to the case of women in India.


[1] Jumman Khan v. State of U.P. (1991) 1 SCC 752

[2] Jumman Khan v. State of U.P. (1991) 1 SCC 752


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