Stern Infractions & Infringement of Fundamental Rights: In the Name of Terrorism & War on Terrorism

Mitul Soni and Rida Farid Bazmi
Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad, India

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

Wars have never been good, whether they are against the humanity or for it. The entire world is at a stage where the need of universal peace is of utmost significance. Harmonizing the status quo becomes essential for safeguarding people’s basic human rights at large. The terms ‘Human Rights’ and ‘Terrorism’ cannot coexist. The encounter between people’s human rights and terrorism is a widespread concern across the globe. The most vulnerable are the once who are unaware about the fact that they are on the stake of losing their lives for whims and wishes of several individuals groups, whether it be sovereign governments in the name of war on terror or the terrorist organizations. Whenever there is an act of terrorism or counter-terrorism activity to eradicate terrorism, the human rights of the people are being violated. The war on terror does not only affect the basic human rights of the terrorists but also at the same time is having a severe impact on the fundamental rights of the civilians residing therein. This calls for an imperative need that a definite legal framework should be devised by the sovereign governments through international cooperation of states and international organization to combat such ongoing worldwide concern.  

This paper provides an overall overview on the issue of terrorism, human rights and war on terrorism. It will be also discussing about the measures taken by various organizations at international level and national level to curb this widespread global concern. The paper will be significantly laying emphasis on the human rights violations in the context of war on terrorism and what are its impacts on terrorist and civilian’s life.

Keywords: human rights, terrorism, counter-terrorism, war on terror, international co-operation & peace.