Stepping up Environment Rights through Gezi Park Protests 

Symbiosis Law School, India

Volume III, Issue I, 2020

What occurs when a prime minister portrays a momentous demonstration as a plot outside? The response of the Turkish government to the Gezi Park demonstrations, a response based on a conspiracy theory of an’ exchange rate lobby, offers a rare example for investigating the impact of conspiracy theories on major protests.  Building on quantitative and qualitative material review of the reactions of internet consumers to the conspiracy theories of the government, I analyze the socio-political importance of this hoax language. The results indicate that (1) internet users ‘ previous political opinions forecast their reactions to conspiracy theories, and (2) The users ‘ remarks based on their policy views.  These indicate that citizens continue to view the conspiracy theories in accordance with their personal beliefs and desires, and subsequently that the theory frames of the government about the protests seem to have led to the democratic instability by reinforcing the rift between supporters and opponents of the Justice and Development Party (AKP)


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