Sports Governing Bodies under the Scanner of Competition Law: A New Approach​?​

Dr. Mona Mahecha
Assistant Professor
Manipal University Jaipur, India.

Volume III, Issue VI, 2020

To regulate the competition in market, government passed the Competition Act, 2002. It regulates the whole market and bans anti-competitive agreements. It makes the business practices illegal which try to abuse its dominant market position. In the era of internalization and commercialization of sports, it has created rapid growth of economic interest of the businesspersons and investors. The economic importance of sports has been recognized by almost every country. It can be termed as Sports Market and there is lack of regulatory mechanism in this market to regulate illegal activities. Therefore, it has travelled around new cross-roads for the application of competition law in sports. Various sports federation show their dominance position and try to control the sports which deny the fair competition. Due to advancement in sports, it has lifted lot of other legal issues also, like match fixing, doping, employment contract, issues on abuse of dominance etc. and the paradigm of competition law application on the sports will improve the administration and control the unethical practices. This paper analysed that how competition law affects the development of sports in new era. It provided the overview that how competition law is applicable on sports and highlighted international practices in sports.

Keywords: Competition Law, Sports, Economic interest, Anti-Competitive Agreement, Abuse of Dominance.