Society and Justice

Ritu Pandey
City Academy Law College, Lucknow, India
Abhishek Mishra
Army Institute of Law, Mohali, India

Volume-1, Issue-2, 2018

In this paper the author would like to emphasis on the status of women in society and sacred place. There are many places where the condition of women is not good and they are being still discriminated and denied from using their right to worship at the sacred places. The Paper also lays due emphasis on the fundamental rights that is being violated by the concerned religious organization under the garb of customs and traditions, as the author believes that everyone irrespective of his gender, caste and creed are equal before constitution and therefore God. The Paper also touches upon this affirmation of values of equality, justice and human rights that has been reinforced by the Supreme Court by allowing the women to worship in religious places which were earlier prohibited. Every class of society is not equal. Biggest reason for inequality is the deep inequality in the society.


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