Social Media: The Principal Source of Information in Modern World

Dhanya.N and Kulath Haaziq Nawab Kutty.R
Crescent Institute Of Science And Technology, India.

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

India being a country with more than 35% of youth population has shown an excessive usage of internet and other social media in recent years compared to other countries. During earlier period newspapers, books and television channels were the sole source of knowledge, but now greatest amount of information is acquired from internet and other online sources. Social media is regulated under INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ACT which is implemented in the year 2000. Though this improvement helps for productive and efficient usage of time on the other hand it has substantial effects like delivering wrong information without proper authority for sanctioning and also hides certain sensational news in the name of censorship which makes people unaware of the issue itself. Here in this article the author will be discussing whether a person’s right to speech and expression which is mentioned in Article 19 of Indian Constitution is violated with strict implementation of censorship or media laws. And also the author will be dealing with the uses of social media in this developing world and will be concentrating on censorship which is coming under IT Act including other laws relating to social media with supporting case laws and recent changes bought under Indian law relating to social media to substantiate authors view.

Keywords: Social media, Internet, Censorship, IT Act.