Significance of Corporate Governance in the Present Context​​

Aryan Sinha
Galgotias University, India.

Volume IV, Issue I, 2021

Today’s corporate sector around the world is blamed for several unfair trade and practices and these trade and practices are curse for the corporate sector. These are not good for the civilized security There are measures and mechanisms to curb unfair trader and practices of corporate entities .Corporate Governance is one of the effective tool and mechanism for the corporate entities to free themselves from the mechanism of unfair trade and practices In this paper an attempt has been made to discuss the role played by SEBI through clause 49 of the listing agreement in making companies to companies to comply with the corporate governance norms in India. This article is divided into conceptual clarification, corporate governance in the present context with clause 49 and conclusion. SEBI through the norms and provisions contained in clause 49 to listing in making corporate to comply with the standards of corporate governance

Keywords: Corporate, Securities, Governance, Whistle Blow Policy