Sexual Harassment in Prison​

Joyita Ghosh
KIIT School of Law, Bhuvneshwar, India.

Volume III, Issue VI, 2020

A prison is a place decided by the government for those who don’t follow the norms of societal law. The sole motive behind creating a specific place is to teach them a lesson that these types of acts are harmful to society. Although, behind the bars, many malpractices occur which creates problems in achieving the purpose for which offenders are forced to live here. Thus, it is important to analyse the problems of the offenders to satisfy the sole purpose of prison. This condition takes a complex form in the matter of women and children’s since they belong to vulnerable groups. In today’s modern society also, the no. of women prisoners only constitutes a small population in the prisons. They face a lot of sexual abuse every day. It becomes a challenge for the executives to stop it. Various laws and treaties are made for the proper facilitation of prisoners especially for vulnerable groups at the national and international level. In this paper, we are going discussion about the sexual abuse faced by the vulnerable groups in the prison.​w