Sexual Harassment Against Women at the Workplace

Mona Bhatt & Sounak Poddar

Law College Dehradun, Uttaranchal University, Uttrakhand, India

Volume-1, Issue-2, 2018

Sexual harassment at workplace is a manifestation of deep-rooted patriarchy prevailing in the larger society encouraging power based discriminatory practices and in turn creating a hostile work environment where women are vulnerable to experience harassment and abuse.

Harassment is any improper and unwelcome conduct that might reasonably be expected or be perceived to cause offences and humiliation to another person. A survey by the Indian National Bar Association (INBA) conducted earlier this year found that of the 6048 participant (both male and female) 69% of said they faced harassment at the workplace and there 38% did not complain about it because “fear of losing their jobs and also due to the lifelong stigma”.

This paper talks about the various troubles related to sexual harassment of females at the workplace. The aims of this article are threefold: first, what was the position of the women before the establishment of the act (sexual harassment at workplace Act 2013). Sexual harassment is not only the problem of skilled areas but also a big issue of unskilled areas, and this is the second aim of this article that, workplace need to frame their own comprehensive policies on how they will deal with sexual harassment. Third, way out the from the lacunas of the Act which is proposed to pass in the year of 2013 and already been passed by the parliament. This article tries to give some suggestion “how we can regulate or improved this act and implement in all areas because this act does not fulfil the condition, which is devolved the skilled and unskilled sectors.


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