Secularism: A Comparative Analysis from Past to Present​​

Arunim Kathuria
JIMS Engineering Managment Technical Campus School Of Law, Guru Gobind Singh, India.
Bhawna Shah
Uttaranchal Uinversity, Law College Dehradun, India.

Volume IV, Issue I, 2021

SECULARISM!! What is Secularism? If we talk in a layman language, Secularism is originated from the word “SECULAR”, which means a practice, which treats all religions equally and with full respect.

 Do we all know who the father of the word Secularism is? GEORGE JACOB HOLYOAKE was an English secularist, who coined the word “secularism” in 1851. If we talk about the birth of the word secularism in India, with the 42nd amendment in the Indian Constitution in the year 1976, by H.R. GOKHALE, so we can say that the concept of secularism is founded by G.R. GOKHALE.  I am proud of my opinion that I believe in the facts of “Hindutwa” and make the sheet more transparent; let’s make it way parallel to the most pious evidence we Indians have, that is our National Flag.

If we talk about this research paper, the author has beautifully explained the concept of Secularism. The author took all the sources as a help for drafting this research paper. The author has explained the concept of Secularism through religious aspect, constitutional aspect. The author has used all the landmark judgments related to this concept, so as to clarify this concept more clearly. Our Honorable Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Damodardass Modi ji is the best example of being a secular person. Our PM respects all the religions with full care and respect. I am literally very astonished to see that a few days back I was searching something, and I saw that a Muslim man was drawing a sketch of Lord Shree Krishna. Thus, it can be proved that our India is a secular state.

The author and the co-author have tried their best to explain the concept of Secularism and I hope all the readers will read this research paper with full interest and dedication.

Keywords: Secularism; Constitution; Prime Minister; Religion; Law; Landmark Judgments