Section 377: An Insight into Controversy

Gyaaneshwar Joshi
Jamia Millia Islamia
New Delhi, India

Volume II – Issue II, 2019

The historical judgment of partially decriminalizing section 377 was highly acclaimed by the people of India in 2018. The prolonged legal battle of social activists made the Supreme Court to give a verdict in the favour of LGBT community, whose rights were violated by this section. This rule was the inkling of centuries old British tradition which was prevailing in India since the advent of final court verdict. This section was discriminating homosexuals from heterosexual on the basis of their identity for doing the same conduct.

After prosecuting thousands of people under this section, the Supreme Court finally came up with a verdict to partially decriminalize it whereas legislative had failed to perform its duties, as mentioned in my paper. 

Abolishing section 377 is a huge thumbs up for humanity and equal rights because after all love is genderless, it never sees who gonna do and with whom you gonna do.


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