Scope of Cab Aggregators in India and Comparative Study on Ola and Uber ​

Shrey Nigotiya
HR College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai, India.

Volume III, Issue VI, 2020

Taxis play an important role as a mode of transportation for many people in different cities in India. One requires taxis/cabs for various reasons, be it for commuting from workplace to home or vice versa or taking family out when not wanting to drive when drunk and for many more reasons.

The important part is that this industry is still unorganized, and the demand is growing. It shows that there is a huge business opportunity from entrepreneur’s perspective and at the same not ups the expectation service from consumer’s perspective to which cab aggregators evolved as a sure shot solution. This research paper studies how OLA and Uber has impacted the automobile industry of India, the current scenario, what are the challenges faced by the industry, Initiatives taken by Ola & Uber, and The Motor Vehicles bill, 2019. It not only gives comparison between a personal car & cab but also tells about the issues from customer’s perspective.