Sabarimala: The Scuffle between Faith and Equality

N. Srikanth
Osmania Univarsity, College of Law, Hyderabad
Telangana, India

Volume II – Issue II, 2019

India is a pluralistic population of various religious and ethnic groups with different languages and culture. Out of the eight major religions, four have their origin in India. India is the home state of the largest number of Hindus, and of the second largest of Muslims, in entire world. And also being home to millions of the followers of the four other religions. In the pluralistic and multi- religious society of India, religious tolerance and religious values have always had, and continue to have a strong influence. In this article, I will examine the sabarimala judgment in three parts. Part one will provide a brief overview of the historical background of sabarimala case .part two will examine the issues framed by the hon’ble supreme court and analysis of each judge observation to these issues. In part three will examine the dissenting opinion of Indu Malhotra J.


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