Role of Social Media in Promoting Government Policies​

Sheenam Thakur
Himachal Pradesh National Law University, Shimla, India.

Volume III, Issue VI, 2020

The modern era is the era of science and technology. As we reach the 21st Century, industrialization, revolution, developments in each and every sphere have brought about tremendous changes in the modes of reaching the masses, spreading awareness and subsequently stimulating growth. This research paper offers a detailed account of the analysis of various social media sources to understand how they impact the promotion of various government policies formulated by the government. The main theme which covers the observations is “Law in Statutes v. Law in Practice” which further explains the dissonance that exists between the purpose with which the policies are formulated and the actual impact they have on the individuals. Nothing can be implemented in the same form as it exists in statutes. This research paper is structured in a manner that initially it analyses the role of cinema in influencing government policies which is followed by an elucidation of the role of television advertisements as they bring forth the policies to the notice of general public. Furthermore, the research paper provides a portrayal of the roles played by radio and print media in promoting the government policies. The research paper is concluded with a sociological perspective as it stands in relation with law.