Role of Mobile Phones in Digitization of the Economy

Aashish Mittal
Chanakya National Law University, Patna, India

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

The basic aim behind any economy is to improve the purchasing power of the individual by enriching him/her to develop new skill set so that the development should be result oriented, Change in any economy is first criticized, reviewed and then implemented, but any change cannot itself be brought into effect, it requires channels, mediums, management, proper implementation, and most importantly it should reach to the masses at every level. India also aimed to bring a change to make India Digitally sound and effective, to which Government had launched initiative called “Digital India” in 2016 where its key aim was to make ‘Good Governance through e-governance’. Digitization had made the country’s progress faster which had been elaborated in the paper, also it has made the work convenient, easy, accessible and improved. Mobile phones play an important part in making the digital India initiative a massive breakthrough, which results in accessing high level connectivity across the world on your fingertips. Something which was once a luxury is now a necessity, mobile phones are digital devices which has revolutionized the Indian market not only in increasing its GDP but has allowed ground level participation in the best interests of the country.