Role of Media in Lockdown & Media Trials in India​​

Pallavi kapur and Palak Mathur
Amity University Noida, India

Volume IV, Issue I, 2021

Media goes about as a reflection of what our general public is and what sort of individuals exist in our general public. It is the main medium that keeps the country and its public educated. It has partitioned its job for instance there is print media, web media, and electronic media. As we likewise observe that how in correlation with more established occasions the more youthful age has come is as yet coming progressively forward in getting mindful and utilizing media as their voice in communicating their assessments, proposals, suggestions, and so forth. Media like a coin has different sides to it, a great and a terrible one, on one side media acts an operator who gives data to the public that all ought to know about, while on the opposite side it goes about as a distractor who takes the general population towards a dull way and digresses them from the data and information that they ought to get and furnishes them with counterfeit news and uneven conclusions. Here, our paper manages the job of media, and in light of keeping the present situation of continuous lockdown in our country because of the pandemic of Covid-19, how decidedly or contrarily the media manages it, and what are the essential corrections important to be made in Media Law.