Role of Law in Politics & Shaping the Society​​

Mayank Kumar Pandey
KIIT University (School of Law), India.

Volume IV, Issue I, 2021

This entire research work majorly focuses on the relationship between the laws and politics and how they work together to make our society a much better place to live by maintaining peace and harmony. It’s an attempt to show you from a much broader perspective about the pivotal roles played by the laws in framing the entire community as a whole and how it helps a nation to regulate and govern their state. It will make you aware of crucial factors affecting politics and how sometimes laws are even misused by some people to gain and attain their personal interest and benefits and how it affects the society at large. It also talks about the laws and politics have their own picture of reality and how sometimes those pictures gets overlap and differs. It examines the character of both, law and politics, the way in which they develop and how these laws effects the political discussions in the several context ranging from the domestic state level to international global level which includes factors like peace and security, economic relations, developmental goals and so many things likewise. It also shows how the politics prevails over the laws and sometimes disrupts the autonomy of the rule of law by which the purpose of the law gets fail ultimately. Laws are not only confined to resolve the conflicts rather how its actuality sometimes makes differences and so it becomes more contentious. Finally, it examines some of the major issues regarding the laws and politics where it also gives some sort of suggestions to fulfill the prime motto and purpose of the same.

Keywords: Law, Politics, Society, Authority, Nation