Role of Judiciary to Provide Better Justice to Rape Victims

Nitin Pathak
Researcher, Jiwaji University, Gwalior
 Dr. Sanjay Kulshreshta
Asst. Professor, Jiwaji University, Gwalior

Volume II, Issue I, 2019

A chain of brutal rape cases in India has shattered the nation to its core. In our country where on daily basis nearly or approximately 106 rape crimes committed per day , what are the steps taken or the laws made to stop these crimes? And whether the laws made are seriously implemented? In this paper basically we are talking about the role of the judiciary in providing better justice to the rape victims. This paper will consist of the committing of the heinous crimes like rape, the independency of judiciary which many times go beyond its powers to provide justice to the rape victims, another thing is how forensic science or forensic evidences helps or assists in favour of the survivors or victims of the rape, how judiciary has changed from the past, what are the differences between its past judgements and the decisions in current scenario. Here many cases have been cited with their judgements to show the judicial trials or efforts to provide justice. The very popularly known as Nirbhaya case has been discussed in this paper, which shattered the whole nation. And because of this incident many amendments were introduced to the laws of the country whether it is in constitution or in the statute (Indian Penal Code). These amendments are also have been discussed in this paper and the verdict of the verma committee set up immediately after the Nirbhaya Case. Mentioning of magnifying of punishments given to the accused of the offences so that such crimes can be stopped in the nation.


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