Rights of Victims in Indian criminal Justice System

Mrityunjay Bhardwaj
Vivekananda Law School and Legal Studies, India.

Volume III, Issue V, 2020

The purpose of this research paper is to enlighten the reader with the rights of victims in Indian criminal Justice System. Often times the rights of the victims in our legal system is disdained or not given enough priority by the legal authorities. One of the primary reasons of this issue is that most of the average citizens in a state/country do not know what rights will or should be administered to them in case they are subjected to a crime. In this research paper, the author has first tried to acknowledge the definition of a victim in our legal system as well as definition provided by the international body, United Nations. Then the author has state victims’ rights of victims in four parameters. The purpose of this method is to clearly categorize the various rights and remedies for the better understanding of the research paper. The author has also given some suggestions that, if properly implemented, can really enhance the current role and status of the victims in Indian criminal Justice System.  Through this paper the author has come to conclusion that even though codified laws and remedies are accessible in our Legal system but still they are not fully implemented or administered to the victim or the person suffering the harm when he/she needs it the most. There is a wide sphere of improvement which is still remaining to be filled.