Rights of Internally Displaced Persons: An Analysis of Migration in Uncertain Times

Tellmy Jolly and Bharath Mohan
Alliance University, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

Internally Displaced Persons are undoubtedly, the most vulnerable section of the Society. They are often mistaken to be refugees due to the lack of a definite and binding legislation work that outlines their rights. Therefore, the states must ensure that special measures are taken to protect the rights of the displaced persons. This study aims to differentiate between refugees and the internally displaced persons. Also, the study seeks to shed some light on the conditions and vulnerabilities of the internally displaced persons in India. Further, the paper tries to analyze the rights guaranteed to the internally displaced persons vide the Constitution of India as well the role of Judiciary in protecting those rights. Also, the paper talks about the plight of internally displaced persons during the times of COVID-19. The paper concludes by giving a few recommendations that can be adopted by the government for providing assistance to the internally displaced persons.

Keywords- Displacement, Refugees, COVID-19, Constitution.