Right to Education: Education as a Human Right

Kunj Bhagat
Lloyd Law College, India.

Volume III, Issue V, 2020

In the gift age of economic process and technological developments, the overriding requirement for endurance within the society is “education” because it creates hope and plays a vital role within the method of the growth of personalities. The importance of education can’t be denied in one’s life. It sustains the human values that contribute to the individual and collective well-being. It forms the idea for long learning and evokes confidence to face challenges. It provides the talents for people to become additional independent and alert to the proper opportunities. It additionally enhances the power of people to act passed through and additional well-read voters. The education is that the key that permits individuals to manoeuvre up within the world, ask for higher jobs, and ultimately achieve their lives. So, education is incredibly vital, and none ought to be empty it. By analysing this writing, we will without delay comprehend, why education and “RIGHT TO EDUCATION” is very important and required. This paper additionally throws light-weight on the RTE act throughout COVID-19.

Keywords:  Right to Education (RTE) Act, technological era (Digital learning), COVID-19.