Right to Education Act, Effect of Globalization: Challenges and Perspectives 

Ms. Asha Meena
Amity Law School, Amity University Haryana, India

Volume III, Issue III, 2020

The word education originates from a Latin word educare which means “to bring up”. The dictionary meaning of education is any process or act of imparting knowledge, skill and judgment. Education is possibly the most essential function of the State and local governments. It is the very foundation of good citizenship. It is extremely unlikely that any child may succeed in life without the opportunity of education. Education is the basis for growth, development and empowerment for every nation. Education has become a necessity as it builds one’s character and skills which are essential for earning a livelihood. The growing needs of a nation are catered by education as the development of a nation is measured by such human resources. Education helps in inculcating scientific temper, independence of mind and spirit among the citizens.  The whole country dwells on the pillar of education. An old Sanskrit adage expresses that education brings freedom i.e. freedom from obliviousness which covers the brain; freedom from superstition which dazzle the vision of truth.

Keywords: Education, Welfare, Policy, Livelihood, Independence etc.


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