Revisiting HR in the Digital World

Deeksha Sharma
Jagannath International Management School (JIMS), India

Volume III, Issue III, 2020

The research paper focuses on seeing the HR with a new perspective. With technological disruption in the world the organizations have to transform  according to digital era and all its departments including HR. So HR has also been disrupted by the technology. It focuses on how HR is reinventing itself and how it should reinvent itself more in the digital era to survive as it is one of the most important departments in the organization which is managing the workforce in the organization. As HR department has many challenges as highlighted in the research paper but it has the strongest opportunities to automate it. Companies like IBM, Royal Bank of Canada automated itself and are leading the transition to the digital HR by using hackathons, chatbots, fitbits etc.  It’s moving from traditional HR to HR of today by digitalisation of HR.  It also talks   about how the companies of today should adopt digital HR by employing the techniques employed by other companies who are successfully running digital HR and how they should re-skill their employees and link the HR departments to IT departments for not only data analytics but data security also and how to give employees the compelling and personalized experience. And how HR professionals or departments can act as the strategic partner in the businesses. It focuses on the impact of technology on various HR practices like recruitment, training & development, performance management and payroll management. The digitalization has its direct impact on the work of the HR practices and lead to the updation in the working procedure of HR.IT focuses on how should HR professionals can use these tools in the positive ways to reform HR department and make them adaptable to technology.


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