Reservation under Vienna Convention of Law of Treaties Aide or Impediment to Global Relations

Ridhi Suri and Pranjal Tomar
Amity Law School, Delhi (affiliated to GGSIPU), India

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

The main motive behind providing for reservation to treaties under the Vienna Convention was to substantially increase global participation in ratification of treaties in general and humanitarian treaties in particular. However, despite gaining certain degree of stability over the years, these provisions still suffer from various defects as they have rendered the uniform applicability of the treaties infructuous to a certain extent, and has been a matter of constant examination. In this article, the authors aim to examine the impact of the provisions for reservation under the Vienna Convention on Law of Treaties on global relations, while discussing the reasons for their inclusion in the Convention and focusing on their relevance in the 21st Century. In this regard, the authors extensively analyse various cases that have helped to establish the concept of reservation of treaties, especially in case of multilateral treaties, and instigated its development under international law.