Renewable Energy Laws in India

Mayank Hitesh Thanki
United World School of Law, Gandhinagar

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

This article deals with the position of India with regards to Renewable sources of energy. India has been taking various steps in order to increase and boost the usage of renewable or non conventional resources of energy mainly for electricity’s production among many uses. This article also deals with the legislation in India which deal with various sources of energy be it renewable or non renewable. Solar Energy is the most widely available non conventional resource of energy in India given the position of geographical position of India. The government and authorities hereby are aware of this fact and this is the reason why it promotes solar energy’s usage not only in the country but also in the international community so as to combat climate change. Indian Judiciary’s stance on energy laws has also been taken up in the article. The article touches upon these subjects in detail.

Keywords: Renewable, Energy, Conventional, Non-Conventional, Solar, Alliance, Climate, Electricity

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