Religious Terrorism: Where Humanity Stoops Low

Aishwarya Vardhan
Symbiosis Law School, Pune

Volume III, Issue III, 2020

“We are not Angels that always act good, we are not Demons that always act bad, we are just Humans, we have both abilities. So, if some human made a mistake, blame themselves, not their religions, not their races, not their origins or their families.”

– Zak Ebrahim, son of former terrorist El Sayyid Nosair

 The concept of terrorism has to be viewed from a broad perspective. Although, the first picture that comes to mind when terrorism is mentioned, is that of gory and brutal killing of innocent people on the whims of the terrorists. However, there are several forms of terrorism which are equally prevalent and these inter alia, include religious terrorism, eco-terrorism, cyber terrorism and narco-terrorism. This article specifically focuses on the subject matter of religious terrorism and the author in pursuance of the same has delved into its research and critically analyzed its substance along with comments and suggestions for the same.

Keywords – religion, terrorism, non-state actors, politics, religious-beliefs, attacks


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