Religious Law and Hate Crime in Developing Countries Special Reference to India

Sachin Nagaraj
Jain University, Bangalore, India

Volume III – Issue III, 2020

Secularism is an integral part of India where freedom of religion is a fundamental right provided to all citizens where religion is considered most important aspect of all most every citizen of the country. The Indian constitution and many other law states about protection of religious belief, religion is a sensitive topic it only involves morals of person  but also includes upbringing of an individual .The undeniable fact is there are many flaws are accepted and rectified ,violence  in the name of religion is becoming part of daily activity, tackle the hate crimes. The majority of hate crimes are mostly done through the social media and other various modes. Author in this article concentrate on religious law and crimes to accept the flaws know the drawbacks and come up with effective legislation and bring unity among the people. In 21st century although we are ahead in technology, still we are finding it hard to  Religious is basis of human life which is not mere a belief but way of living as the livelihood of each religious follower differs from other.

Keywords: religious law, crimes, secularism, freedom of religion and religious belief.

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