Religious Freedom in India ​

Rohan Priyam
Jamia Millia Islamia, India.

Volume III, Issue VI, 2020

This paper seeks to explore into the ‘religious freedom in the present scenario’ in the context of India and the world. It contemplates the present aspects of secularism granted in the articles 25 to 28 of the Indian constitution in India in the view of curtailment of the religious freedom of the peoples, which is against the basic tenants of Indian secularism, provided in the constitution.

Basically, the religious freedom given in the articles 25-28 are the basic fundamental right of the peoples. This paper led emphasis on amalgamation of political parties in the religious affairs that how present political parties has divided the peoples in the name of religion??

It also explores, what are the major religious challenges faced by Indian democracy, which led to the curtailment of the religious freedoms of the people. Also it shows the detention of the foreign peoples of Tablighi Jamaat during the covid-19, led to the curtailment of their religious rights, due to the allegations on them for spreading covid-19. We will be knowing the important concepts of Freedom Of Religion, Liberty, Equality, Secularism, Bills, Laws and Commission which are related to the religious matters in India and we will also be knowing about the religious freedom in India in the current scenario and why there is social tension and fear among the citizens related to the matter of religion in India especially among the minority communities. We will also know about the brutal violence and the police brutality that happened during the period from December 2019 to February 2020 and the religious tensions and hatred that have engraved in the minds of millions of citizens during the whole of pandemic. In the name of religion there have been large destructions of temples, mosques, churches, gurudwaras etc in the past few years and we will also be able to know how the failures of the past and present governments in the country to handle the religious riots that have been happening around the country. In this paper we will also be questioning that whether the fundamental ideas of liberty, equality, social justice, secularism is being seriously followed and whether the Principal of Constitutionalism of the Constitution of India is religiously being followed or not in India.

Keywords: Secularism, Religious Violence, Equality, Social Justice, Law and Bills Related To Religion.