Religious Education: The Open Vein Spurting Terrorism Impacting Human Rights, International Instruments & Counter Terror Actions

Ms. Bhavana C. Dhoundiyal
B.A,L.L.B (H), L.L.M (HR), Silver Medalist

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

“With guns you can kill terrorists, with education you can kill terrorism.”

― Malala Yousafzai

Any country is a bounty of richness, brotherhood and culture before being destructed by any negative human act. Today, the images flashing on the surface is showing where has science and adventure landed man. Well, the year 1948 witnessed a clear evolution of new hope and human standards with a resolution brought by Universal Declaration of Human Rights, human rights being the prime concern of every state but over the past few years, the idea has been drifting, the International Bill of Human Rights with its purpose and rationale behind its art and craft comes out to be paradoxical. With human rights violations being a consequence of terrorism including other areas of conflict brought over power, religion, trade and commerce, the idea of cultural exchange, harmony, peace and all the basic ingredients acting as a baseline for the UN charter has become a shadow plain of utter ignorance. There is no denial to the fact that once in a blue moon a group of nations meet, discuss few agendas, sign a few documents however, later their own goals turn bleak. Global village, like our very own state, holds the duty to play a proactive role to protect the human rights of every individual. Also, the nations need to corner the idea of terrorism in one roof and leave religion aside to restore faith in humanity and human empowerment. If one can really understand terrorism then it is simply a bunch of humans bombarding humans for a totally remote motive. The paper focuses on the fact that how education, when thought the negative way can animate terror findings in human race and can lead to damage. Huge one! Despite certain instruments, countries have not yet countered the same except for India and US. We are still dealing with terror even in a democracy. It is only we who can regenerate, create and devastate at the same time.

Keywords: UN Charter, UDHR, Human Rights, State, Global Village.