Rape Laws and Amendment

Parijaat Puspam
The ICFAI University

Volume II – Issue VI, 2019

Rape is the term which is very horrible only by its name. The term rape per se portrays a barbaric image in the mind of common peoples. Rape is a very serious and controversial topic in our country for a long time. This not just an offense that can satisfy the victim of that offense emotionally by pronouncing the appropriate judgment in his favor or by awarding proper punishment to the offender; for example, Murder is considered as gravest crime under IPC,1860. if someone intentionally caused death of someone, then justice can be delivered by awarding punishment according to sec 302 of IPC and quantum of punishment is not in controversy also, but in the case of Rape; it is emotionally graver then murder, if any male rapes a female, suppose court awarded him death sentence (imagine) but the question is that “will it enough for that women whose dignity is devastated by the act of the offender?” surely not because rape takes the dignity of a women without her consent and she need to survive in society with that taint, which takes her to more painful situation, it affects her future in very negative manner.


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