Ram Rajya of Gandhism vs Ideal State of Platonism

KVVS Satyanarayana

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

In modern day complex world, the concept of the “pious state of governance”, Propounded by Plato and promulgated by Gandhi is of significance as in both the doctrines the emphasis is on public good attached with self-austerity. It’s a state where no decision is taken that troubles even a single person, where every voice is heard and where justice is instantaneous and available to even the deprived, the weakest and the marginalized. It’s a state where even the subjects are virtuous, nobody speaks any untruth, an absolute ideal society.

Thus, though both these philosophies are more utopian and the philosophers had different other ideas which are not accepted by many; in their philosophies one can observe, their Humanitarian approach and longing for justice to one and all. Though their doctrines may not be accepted in toto in today’s complex world, referring to these viewpoints may give us some insight into viewing the modern-day socio-economic and political problems from a new dimension of Humanism based on virtues and ethics. At the moment, when the whole world is perplexed with the uncertainties and intricacies of modern world order, referring to philosophies like these may give us some insight into the ways and means to establish a stable world order. If not properly understood these doctrines should not be at least misunderstood and used to mislead the masses through perplex and fallacious interpretations.