Raising Concerns for Crime against Woman in India

Supriyo Banerjee and Promit Acharya
KIIT School of Law, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, India.

Volume III, Issue V, 2020

In the modern era where growth and development should be the prime concern, people are also concerned with crime and violence against woman as it is increasing day by day. The progressive society needs some progress in their mindset as well, in order to eradicate such crime against woman. The following research paper deals with woman being the victim in the society. Although there have been various laws formulated to protect woman but unfortunately the offenders get par with it. There are also various reasons for violence against woman and this has also been outlined in the paper. Despite the violence we lack for solutions regarding such. The also outline the reasonability of punishment and the theories of punishment followed in India and what should have been followed. The crux of the following paper is dealt under the sub topic of punishments for different rape provisions, categorizing two groups of punishment and also dealing with the recent amendments of the laws. The misuse of powers by the competent authority and also the demand of speedy trial for the victims has always been an issue of concern and have been outlined below as well. The proper use of power, awareness of different laws and their penal provisions, as well as a proper sense of morality and enhanced punishments for offenders which only can only put a cap to such crime and violence against woman.

Keywords: Crime, Violence, Woman, Rape, Amendments.