Racism: An Embedded Irremovable Mind-set

Atul Maurya and Masuhav
Faculty of Law, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India

Volume III, Issue IV, 2020

Racism is a stereotype that will take a longer time to vanish from the society. This article deals with the current issue of racism in the world. In addition to the current scenario we have also discussed about the history of racism, other related terms and some of the notable incidents that took place due to this cruel custom. Racism has a relation with Ethnicity, Casteism and Classism which is explained in a detailed manner in the article itself. Moving further the article talks about the incidents that took place regarding racism in South Africa and on Indians by British government, we have faced lot atrocities during the British rule. This article also puts light on the practice of new age racism; we have discussed the matter of cruelty faced by the Asians in the United States, United Kingdom and India as well. After the outbreak of a global pandemic COVID-19 the idea of new age racism emerged in a barbarous manner and attacks on Chinese other Asians were prominent now. In India the North-Eastern people have been facing this from the longer time.  They are not even considered as our own. Later we have given a few suggestions to curb this problem and make world a better and a peaceful place to live.