Psychological Warfare of Sexual Violence

Hiba Zaheer & Erika Yagnik
Faculty of Law, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
Uttar Pradesh, India

Volume I, Issue III, 2018

Wartime sexual exploitation has been a concerning issue since time immemorial, whereby the victimisation of women is pervasive and extremely atrocious. The psychology of treating rape as a ‘tactic of war’ highly impacts the physical and mental state of the victims. The psychological warfare of sexual violence is a technique to humiliate the enemy nation who are unable to protect their women and children, which results into the exploitation of women’s body and soul and in turn, ruptures their very existence. Not only rape but women are also subjected to genital mutilation, forced prostitution and sexual slavery during the times of social unrest. This research paper contemplates the recognition of the sexual violence as an international crime and deals with the far-reaching consequences of the same. Furthermore, it also makes an attempt to prescribe various reformative and preventive measures to eradicate this prevalent evil. 

 Sexual Violence is not an inevitable part of the conflict.

–Elizabeth Wood.


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