Protests in 21st Century

Abhay Kumar
Lloyd Law College, Greater Noida, India

Volume III, Issue I, 2020

Protest is a discontent measure for the society and it can be seen as a form of politics by other means. In the past several years, we found that the world has been shaken by protests, peaceful and otherwise. This paper gives information about the protests in 21st century. This paper contains some historical background i.e. Satyagraha movement in 1923 and Swadeshi movement started in 1905. Aim of this paper to understand the meaning of protests in the 21st century, protests in simple language we called as Dharna, March, and Rally. In Indian history, we found that most powerful protest was Quit India movement 1942 and Civil disobedience movement 1930 till now. Further we move in 21st century Protests in India, we found that there has been a lot of protest here like that Nirbhaya Movement in 2012, LGBT Protest, and NCR AND CCA. This paper also talks about the world wide protest i.e. Me Too Movement or # Me Too movement, Anti-war protests around the world. And finally this paper has a unique conclusion.

Keyword – Protest, Dharna, ME Too movement, 21st century, LGBT Protest, Quit India movement, peaceful,  March.


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